Streamlining Legal Operations: How Lexiti Delivers Accessible and Efficient eDiscovery

14 December 2023 Safelink

With an experienced team of IT consultants supporting legal and professional services with software, consulting and strategic IT advice, InPlace Solutions is well placed to share their views on how Lexiti eDiscovery helps clients in the legal sector.


Patrick Ng highlights that "Lexiti solves a problem for firms by providing an easy-to-use Cloud-based eReview solution that requires little upfront investment in skills or costs".

Clients work with InPlace Solutions for advice on various projects supporting their digital strategies. Their needs often align with two main themes: the shift towards digitisation and the desire to leverage technology for better outcomes. 

For InPlace Solutions clients, Lexiti provides an accessible solution for document review, enabling users to quickly and confidently run review exercises. Patrick shares that "customers are typically fed up with the costs and obfuscation offered by alternate solutions in the marketplace. Lexiti allows them to easily defer this challenge while delighting their customers with its low prices and accessibility."


The world before Lexiti eDiscovery 

Before Lexiti, InPlace Solutions often employed specialist products to perform specific review functions. For example, an eDiscovery platform, a deduplication or forensics solution and different bundling and redaction tools. Each required separate investment, with no certainty of long term adoption. Patrick shares that "in the litigation space, matters, thankfully, often settle as emotions settle, but this leaves firms holding the keys to some very expensive software." 

Lexiti allows them to consolidate these discrete project capabilities into a single easy to use tool that they can subscribe to. That single and easy to use tool is being valued by CIOs in legal firms, as it simplifies their application portfolio while also de-risking their financial commitment.


Enablement is made easy with straightforward onboarding

Most clients working with InPlace Solutions start with specific requirements and then grow their use from there. 

Onboarding is a simple sign-up process, but for Patrick and his colleagues, speed is less important than aiming for outcomes. He's clear that "customers should consider their specific objectives: ‘Do I want Lexiti to be applied only to litigation related cases, or could I also use it for collaboration? If so, what are my key objectives, and how will I measure success?’" Working with the InPlace Solutions team, clients can use the tools and apply them to help improve operations and efficiency.


Working hands-on with clients

To understand how it works in practice, Patrick shares an example where InPlace Solutions deployed Lexiti to a specific customer to achieve several competing outcomes - exactly the scenario that legal firms often struggle to address. 

First, they needed to meet the client's complex eLitigation requirements. Second, they wanted to reduce paper handling by providing all users with cloud PDF creation capabilities. Third, they also wanted to deliver or receive large tranches of documents securely. 

Patrick shares, "by providing a single common interface for this, it was easy for people within all levels of the organisation to adopt the system because of the consistent, easy-to-use web interface provided by Safelink."


Brilliant technologists: Bringing freshness, versatility and values

Patrick is clear on the value of the Safelink collaboration, saying, "The Safelink crew are simple and delightful to deal with. They also have a strong security focus and understand the culture of data sensitivity that we live and breathe - which is very important for us."


Democratising legal tech

InPlace Solutions doesn't push the product hard because it's not their style. But, still, the team observes a very high rate of adoption. And, Patrick highlights, it's "led to really positive feedback from young lawyers" who often have charge of the data handling components of a matter.

The difference with Lexiti is obvious. Patrick shares that it's "so easy to use that a lawyer can use it in about 15 minutes, the ‘just in time’ Cloud technology model means even small firms can deploy tech that would normally be only available to the big boys." 

In the past, the features that Lexiti offered were only affordable by the big firms. These solutions would come with ownership headaches and a lot of buyer risk. Practitioners hated these solutions because they were difficult to explain, hard to use and added friction through high support costs.

Often, IT departments within firms get left with the operating expenses of technology acquired to solve a specific, sometimes one-off client-related problem. That's not fair. 

Lexiti results in lower, more predictable tech-related disbursement fees to clients and lower running costs (and headaches) for the IT department. 


Download the Guide: Saving money on legal technology

At Safelink, we believe that all firms should have the right to awesome software, world-class security and the ability to roll it out easily to their whole team. We also believe that by educating law firms about their options, this can become a reality. It’s the reason we’ve written this guide. 

To learn more about how you can get the best ROI on your legal technology, download the guide below:


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