Safelink Launch ‘Expero Lite’ - The first truly free virtual data room

13 September 2023 Safelink

At Safelink, we believe in breaking down the barriers to secure document management and sharing. Unlike traditional 'free' offerings, laden with time or external user restrictions, we're here to liberate your potential to delight your clients without straining your budget. We're launching Expero Lite: a free-forever version of our praised virtual data room software.

Introducing Expero Lite

Expero Lite sets out to redefine the boundaries of a free virtual data room. It's about more than just sharing documents; otherwise, we'd be nothing more than a Google or One Drive. It's about creating a secure haven for your data, where accessibility continues to meet with uncompromised security.

Whether involved in legal transactions, financial deals, or any project requiring controlled documentation, Expero Lite is here to make your life easier and help you delight your customers and your team.


What's included?

Each data room in Expero Lite is bolstered by 256-bit encryption and secure, segmented key storage for each workspace: No more insecure link sharing, no more password protecting, just encrypted, safeguarded data that remains solely in your hands. 

What's more, you won't be charged as soon as you invite one, two or three users, whether internal or external. Expero Lite lets you invite as many as you want from the start. With the easy-to-learn interface, your clients and counterparties can navigate to what matters most quickly and easily.

Expero Lite doesn't limit your document sharing to simple uploads. All documents (including spreadsheets) are scanned for viruses, have optical character recognition applied, are converted to PDF and become fully searchable. Easy-to-use organisation features allow you to present documents intelligently, and additional viewing options - such as our 'in page' viewer and ability to customise grid views enhance due diligence exercises for you and your clients. 

250MB of storage per room allows for around 5,000 Word documents with basic formatting. And finally, fundamental access, viewing, and download permission configurations guarantee control over your workspace. Moreover, your subscription enables access to our online Knowledge Hub, providing you with self-serve support precisely when required.


Why we're doing it

With the rising tide of security breaches, more and more firms are showing signs of compromised networks. Unfortunately, not all can establish a dedicated, in-house cybersecurity team and seek refuge in third-party solutions. Yet, these solutions often exhibit exorbitant pricing behind a facade of unnecessary features. 

With Expero Lite, we want to simplify how you can demonstrate your dedication to data security and confidentiality to your clients. It can make or break a potential partnership for many new customers. Expero Lite is a seamless entry point to showcase your proactive stance on security for scenarios involving modest storage requirements. Why not try Expero Lite to find out more?

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