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How Safelink uses AI technology in its products and services
26 April 2024
When evaluating how new AI technology could be applied to Safelink’s products, it didn’t take long to determine that the best approach...
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Virtual Data Room Expero
Virtual Data Room
15 February 2024
You've successfully pitched to investors; they're eager to delve deeper into your proposition and start the due diligence process. They...
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Using a laptop displaying graphs and charts
14 December 2023
With an experienced team of IT consultants supporting legal and professional services with software, consulting and strategic IT advice,...
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Virtual Data Room
13 September 2023
At Safelink, we believe in breaking down the barriers to secure document management and sharing. Unlike traditional 'free' offerings, laden...
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How was British Airways payroll data stolen if it was
6 June 2023
Thousands of British Airways, BBC and Boots employees have had their personal information stolen due to a weakness in file transfer...
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18 May 2023
AI is making waves across multiple industries, and the legal field is no exception. The emergence of advanced AI technology that can work...
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Virtual Data Room
20 April 2023
The ads are right. A great virtual data room can significantly benefit you as a corporate lawyer, your team, your clients and your firm....
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9 March 2023
The start of most cases is a bit like a tsunami - an oncoming wave of inevitable documents, calls and emails. A wave that partners and...
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Document Review
26 January 2023
It would be an understatement to say that a lot’s changed since we first released our bundle software. In 11 years of business, nothing...
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10 Benefits of Implementing Virtual Data Room Software for Your Organisation
Virtual Data Room
20 January 2023
It’s no secret. In today’s modern business climate, you need a secure and efficient way to manage your data storage. One of the most...
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