Q4 2022 Updates

3 October 2022 James Logue

What's new in Safelink?

As the Safelink user base grows, we learn more and more about what matters to our clients. We've listened, and today we're excited to present our Q4 product update, which will be automatically rolled out on 7th October. These UI improvements will include:

  • A new document preview pane
  • An updated list view
  • Interactive spreadsheets


New document preview pane

Working with files is now faster than ever. When opening a document or image, it will load on the right half of your screen, enabling you to browse, upload or search with the other half. All of the navigation, annotation, redaction and search features in your workspace will be available within the preview pane. 

You can quickly move between documents in the folder using next/previous buttons, or by clicking on the entries in the folder listing. You can also expand the preview pane to use the whole window, and it will stay expanded as you open further documents, until you collapse it again.


New list view

We've updated "list view" in the documents area of each workspace, to better align it with the "grid view" that has been available for some time. In particular, there are new status icons, showing at a glance which documents are unread or contain redactions. More actions are available for bulk application, for example tagging, download, or export as PDF for a selection of documents. 

These actions are now available from a toolbar above the folder listing rather than below it. We now break folder listings into pages, rather than using infinite scroll, to make it easier to get to all of the entries in long folder listings.


Interactive spreadsheets

What started as a desire to improve our document viewer turned into a fully-fledged development project. 4 months, 5 prototypes and 22 comparison criteria later, the project is now complete... 

The result? A fast, feature-packed spreadsheet viewer that feels like you're using Excel right in your Safelink workspace. Now that's a =SUCCESS. Our new viewer allows users to navigate rows, columns and sheets in similar way to Excel, without leaving the page or requiring a download or any plugins.

All updates will go live automatically on 7th October. Want to see them in action before? Send us a message.


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