Working securely, whilst working remotely

27 March 2020 James Logue

Safelink and Vaiie have joined forces to give free secure online portals to Jersey and Guernsey organisations to help them work securely, whilst working remotely.

With governments, regulators and police releasing warnings about the increasing regularity of phishing scams and email interception, the Islands' business community is increasingly conscious of the heightened data security risks accompanying these uncertain times. 

Workers and IT teams have found themselves implementing remote working practices in a great hurry, creating gaps, confusion and increasing the possibility of data loss and theft.

In addition, having no face to face contact, limited visibility of coworkers and unfamiliar work practices increases the the likelihood of mistakes, fraud, data exfiltration, and theft through social engineering or storage on insecure devices.

"As more employees are working remotely amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, we recognise the critical nature of keeping business flowing, without compromising on the requirement to keep data secure and locked down." 

Lee Bosio, Managing Director at Vaiie


In partnership with Vaiie, Safelink has today announced that it will give all organisations in Jersey and Guernsey a branded secure portal with 500MB of free storage.

Any organisation, in any industry, whether sharing documents with colleagues or clients, can benefit from a secure sharing platform that is easily accessible via a web browser. Vaiie and Safelink's business portal gives businesses an 'on-brand', online site with 500MB of free storage for three months which allows secure B2B and B2C exchanges such as the transfer of large files, document sharing, digitally signing documents and sending secure emails. All data remains in Jersey and Guernsey. 

Safelink homepage

500MB can hold approximately 320 images, 120 MP3 files, 9600 pages of Word documents, or 160 minutes of video. Counts are indicative only.

"We recognise that there will be some difficult weeks and months to come for our business community. We are pleased to be able to offer some level of help and support in the form of a free offering so that no-one's data is compromised. We are pleased to be working with Vaiie to bring this secure portal to the business community together."

Harry Boxall, Director at Safelink

Any organisations wishing to apply for a secure portal should visit  and complete the registration form. Once submitted, the team will be in touch within 24 hours to set you up with your secure portal. It is simple to get started but, to further support clients to get up and running, training through videos, guides, and an introductory webinar is also available.


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